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Why customers trust Google Apps with their business data(5)

posted Nov 26, 2011, 8:29 AM by Softhinker Qin   [ updated Dec 19, 2011, 11:56 PM ]

5. Disaster recovery - built right in to Google Apps

Disaster recovery of business data is, to some belief, a topic that only big company should consider, while oppositely I totally disagree with this point of view.

To some extent, those giat companies are so robust that it's contrastively easy to recover from the critical data lost. Well, how about small/medium enterprises? Can SMEs afford data disaster? Maybe just one time of data lost is enough to kill a start-up business, isn't it?

So to my opinion, it's equally important for both big boys and small players in terms of disaster recovery.

Then question is how to establish a trusted and cost-effective disaster recovery plan?

The effectiveness of a disaster recovery plan is commonly measured in two ways: Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO). RTO measures how long before users can access systems in the event of a failure. RPO measures how much of a time gap exists when the data is restored. Businesses that have invested lots of time and money in disaster recovery preparation are typically able to set RTO and RPO goals at a few hours or less for critical systems, with the cost increasing as those timeframes decrease. For other businesses that haven’t invested at that level, RTO and RPO can stretch into hours or days. And in extreme cases, if disaster strikes, some businesses just have to start over. 

Google Apps offers a better way, with robust disaster recovery capabilities built right in. Our RPO design target is zero data loss and our RTO design target is instant failover. This means that if there is a disaster or disruption that affects one of our data centers, we are able to shift users to an alternate data center, so they can can continue working uninterrupted. And while no disaster recovery solution from any provider is perfect, Google is proud of the benefits customers gain.

The most attractive part of how to leverage on this excellent solution is : drop softhinker an email today!