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Why customers trust Google Apps with their business data(4)

posted Nov 23, 2011, 3:46 PM by Softhinker Qin   [ updated Dec 19, 2011, 11:56 PM ]

Please answer this question before reading through : are you using the same password for different website account log in?

If yes, it'll be risky especially when you create account in some website who may use the same password to try your account in other website. This happens frequently in currently popular mobile apps. For example, some one create a mobile app who declares that it can help you log in to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. in one go. Familiar with this kind of apps? Then how do you know it will not remember and send your password to their own server for other purposes?

To some extent, it's still ok if the account is your personal one. But what if it's your business account?

Now, Google provides 2-factor authentication to drastically reduce the chance of having your account stolen by someone else. Simply speaking, other than username and password, there will be a one-time code randomly generated and send to your phone by SMS or Voice call after you log in, then you just need to key in what you get to gain access to your valuable account. This 2-factor authentication is frequently used in online banking system, and now Google applies it in all Google accounts. If your mobile device cannot receive text message or voice call, i.e. tablet, an app called Google Authenticator provided by Google can also help you get the one-time code immediately even without internet! Is that cool? Enable it in the account page now!

Well, what's more for Google Apps for Business account? Of course it provides stronger protection and convenience! For businesses that already use separate authentication and would like to continue using them, Google Apps for Business provides SAML(Security Assertion Markup Language)-based SSO(Single Sign On) to do this. This technology also allow business to apply custom security features, password management policies, and their own 2-factor authentication solution. So, this SSO capability is an alternative to the standard 2-factor authentication that is included in normal Google Apps if you think it's not secure enough for your business.

4. 强壮的验证模式保护商业用户帐户


如果是的话,这将存在这样的风险:某些网站可能用你的密码来尝试登录其他的网站。这个经常发生在当前很流行的手机软件中。比如,某手机软件提供这样的功能——宣称可以帮你同时登录Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn等等。很熟悉这样的软件对吗?那么你怎么知道它不会记录你的密码并发送到他们自己的服务器上另作他用呢?


现在,Google提供了“双因子验证”,可以极大地减少帐户被盗的几率。简单来说,在用户名和密码登录成功后,将会有一个随机产生的一次性验证码发送到你手机上,可以是短信,也可以是电话, 然后你只需要输入该验证码就可以通过验证进入到你的帐户了。这种方式多用于在线银行系统的登录验证,现在Google把这种高安全性的方式应用到了所有的Google帐户中!如果你的移动设备不能接收短信或电话,比如:平板电脑,Google提供了一个叫做Google验证器的手机程序帮你获取验证码,而且它不需要任何网络连接!很酷对吗?现在就在你的帐户页面启用它吧!

那么,对于Google Apps企业版来说还有什么更多的功能吗?当然!对于那些已经在使用另外的验证方式并且想继续使用它的公司来说,Google Apps企业版提供了基于SAML(Security Assertion Markup Language)的单点登录(Single Sign On)来实现。这种科技允许企业应用自定义的安全功能、密码管理策略、和他们自己的“双因子验证”。所以,这是一种替代Google Apps提供的常规安全验证机制的选择如果你觉得常规安全验证机制对于你的商业来说不够安全的话。