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Why choose Google Apps for Business?

posted Nov 16, 2011, 8:46 AM by Softhinker Qin   [ updated Nov 20, 2011, 6:11 PM ]

A canonical question that almost every new customer asks me is why we have to spend $5/user/month when all these Google products are free to use.

For those mini company whose size is less than 10 employees, it's no problem to use the free edition of Google Apps for all known reasons. However, do you want to keep size of 10 employees forever for your company? If yes, no problem, Google is always happy to help start-up business if yours is always like that.

However, for those companies that have gone through their initial years and now enter the rapid development period, $5/user/month is definitely a low-cost choice for IT infrastructure especially when the service provider is Google.

One of the most obvious benefits of using Google Apps is the usage of all Google products is under your own domain rather than ''. It's very easy for those rapid development companies to understand about this key point because they all know the importance of the brand. Just think of it on behalf of your customer that receiving a formal business email from, then the customer will definitely wonder why this vendor doesn't have their own email system, should I trust them and delegate this project to them? The similar consideration will happen when sharing Google Docs, Google Calendar, Pictures in PicasaWeb Album, etc.

Some customers also argue that their current hosting service provider also have email service, web site hosting, even database. Well, who else hosting service provider gives you more products than Google does? Let's have a quick review on what products Google Apps for Business supplies for you : Gmail, Google Sites, Google Calendar, Gtalk with video conference, Google Docs, Google Reader, Google Blogger, Picasa Web Album, Google+, Google Video for Busines, Google Groups, Google Drive and more!!! Amost every Google products will be integrated with Google Apps which is under your own domain!!!

Are you using Android phone? Yes? Congratulations! All above products are seamless geared to your Android powered mobile devices! No? You're iPhone user? No problem, most of these products available in AppStore as well, and you just need to log in with your Google Apps for Business account! That's it!

All of the above products are for your normal business and internal scenarios. Moreover, the most power of Google Apps is the capability of customization where Google Authorized Resellers, like us, show strength and value. For example, you want your customized HR system using same Google accounts, or you need special logistics management system using same Google accounts, etc., and it's no problem, Softhinker can do it for you as we're experienced Google Apps developer and authorized reseller!

Well, time to make decision, email to : qinding(at)


对于那些少于10个雇员的创业企业来说,使用免费版的Google Apps没有任何问题,原因也众所周知。然而,你愿意你的公司规模一直保持10人以下吗?如果是,那也没有问题,Google一直愿意帮助那些初创企业,请放心免费使用。


使用Google Apps的一个最明显的好处是所有的Google产品全部在你自己的域名下,而不是““。对于那些快速成长的企业来说,这一点很容易理解,因为他们都知道品牌的重要性。设身处地的为你的客户想一下,如果他收到一封来自xxx@gmail.com的邮件并且是正式的商务邮件,客户一定会想为什么这个公司都没有自己的邮件系统?我应该信任他们吗?类似的担忧也会发生在当你分享你的Google文档、Google日历、Google Picasa相册等等。

我的一些客户也会说他们现在使用域名服务商也提供邮件服务、网站托管、甚至数据库等等。但是,有哪一个域名服务商可以提供比Google还多的服务呢?让我们大概看一下Google Apps企业版能给你带来什么样的产品:Gmail, Google Site(帮你建站), Google日历, Gtalk以及视频会议,Google文档, Google阅读器, Google博客, Google Picasa相册, Google+(没错,它也可以用于企业版了), Google群组, Google网络硬盘(是的,类似于Dropbox),以及更多很酷的产品!几乎所有Google当前的和未来的产品都会集成在Google Apps企业版,也就是在你自己的域名下来使用!

你正在使用安卓手机吗?是?恭喜你!所有上述产品已经无缝接入在了你的安卓手机中,轻松实现移动办公!你是iPhone手机用户?没问题,大部分上述产品也有了iOS版本,可以从AppStore中自由下载,你只需要用你的Google Apps企业版帐号登录就可以了,就这么简单!

如果说所有上述产品是针对于日常商务或内部管理,那么Google Apps企业版最强大的功能则在于自定义,也就是Google Apps代理商,比如我们,的优势和价值所在。比如说,你想自定义你的人事管理系统,并且用Google账户登录,或者物流管理系统也用Google账户登录,等等。这一切都没问题,因为Softhinker的软件工程师都具有多年Google Apps的开发经验,并且是授权的Google Apps代理商!